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Audio Partners

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Solidsteel - Audio Partners with Mian Audio

Solidsteel was founded in 1980 within the town of Pescara Italy, today Solidsteel are one of the world’s best known suppliers of ultra-high performance domestic and professional audio furniture. The broad range features solutions for every taste and budget and all carry unmistakable Italian design flare from the highly original Hyperspike series to the unique SS series tripod speakers stands. Solidsteel arrived in the UK market 4 years ago has quickly grown to be the go to furniture brand for the discerning listener. All Solidsteel products are designed and manufactured in Pescara Italy.

Leema Acoustics was originally founded in 1998 as a means of further exploring the fanatical interest in audio reproduction of its two founder’s ex-BBC engineers Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls.  Leema’s core belief is to always look after the signal based on fundamental engineering practices including clean oversized power supplies short signal paths via in house designed PCB structures and at all cost’s keeping noise away from the delicate analogue and digital transfer paths.  The fanatical and exhaustive dedication to signal integrity has yielded many award winning products over almost 25 years of design and production. All Leema Acoustics products are proudly designed and built in Welshpool – Wales

Leema Accoustics - Audio Partners with Mian Audio
Serhan Swift - Audio Partners with Mian Audio

Serhan Swift are a extremely talented team of audio designers and music lovers. Brad Serhan is the Chief Loudspeaker Designer. Brad’s career spans almost 40 years. Brad founded Orpheus Loudspeakers 1984 and under the Orpheus name, Brad designed ‘award winning’ loudspeakers for the local audiophile market. Brad’s speakers have been used by ABC Radio, Channel 10, Channel 7 Sydney, Benchmark Mastering, Studios 301.  Morris Swift is the Technical Director and CFO and brings a background in cutting edge measurement and mission critical micro design. Together the core team brings some of the world’s finest loudspeaker to amazed listeners. All Serhan Swift loudspeakers are hand built in Sydney – Australia before being measured and hand signed by the team.  Currently in production are the highly acclaimed Mu2 MKII, Mu2 SE.

From Italy we bring a refreshing turntable brand “New Horizon” all models are hand made in Italy and feature clean sheet forward thinking with smart solutions to key vinyl reproduction issues. Isolation and breaking the mechanical feedback path are key aspects of every model from the entry level 101 to the range topping GDS.
New Horizons - Audio Partners with Mian Audio
Ricable Cables - Audio Partners with Mian Audio

Ricable design and manufacture extremely high performance yet affordable audio and video cables in the North of Italy.
The key word behind the design of any Ricable Hi-Fi cable is: neutrality. The Invictus, Dedalus, Magnus and Primus series aim to give the listener the same sensations that the artist intended to imprint on his work when creating it.
We firmly believe that the perfect cable should not add or detract from an audiophile’s listening experience, let alone colour the signal at high or low frequencies. The ultimate cable is the invisible Hi-End cable, the one you never hear.

Les Davis Audio produces a range of highly effective and discrete component constrained layer damping materials. If you believe that a record is art, rather than coding printed on a disk, then you understand the mission we have set. How can everyone most effectively turn all their audio appliances into a stage for the greatest experience possible? Declutter the sound stage and banish noise. All Les Davis audio products are designed and produced in Sydney Australia

Les Davis Audio - Audio Partners with Mian Audio
Pear Audio - Audio Partners with Mian Audio

Pear Audio Analogues founder Peter Mezek is a passionate music lover, who’s been professionally involved with music, hi-fi equipment and turntables for nearly 40 years. Analogue turntables were always his passion, whether it was the famous Linn Lp 12, which Peter distributed until the late 80s, or Well-Tempered turntables, which he also distributed for many years. However, it was renowned turntable designer Tom Fletcher and his approach to turntable design that most influenced Peter.  On Tom Fletcher’s turntables, Peter discovered previously unheard layers in the music, which no other deck could reveal, and with such amazing musicality and realism. Today Peter Mezek builds his own range award winning turntables based on the late Tom Fletchers design principles.

From Reliable in Canada we bring the world’s best turntable lighting system (the Uber Light) featuring multiple colour temperature settings and brightness levels. From the start, we approach every product with a craftsman’s attention to detail and passion for making it right. Quality, functionality, and design play an equally important part in delivering what’s right for you

Reliable Turntable - Audio Partners with Mian Audio

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